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Our 'Sun Pier House' venue is our purpose-built venue with games running 7-days a week.

Feeling adventurous? Our 90 Minute Special at 'The Pentagon' is the largest indoor escape game we know of!

Or why not try out our limited edition games at our 300-year old haunted venue 'The Gate House'.

PLEASE NOTE : An adult (aged 18+) is required if playing our regular games with a group member under 16, or if you're playing 'Terminal'.

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Standard prices for our regular and limited edition games are below.
For pricing for our 90-minute game 'Terminal' please click here

12 People
(£10.50 pp)
11 People
(£11.00 pp)
10 People
(£11.50 pp)
9 People
(£12.00 pp)
8 People
(£12.50 pp)
7 People
(£13.00 pp)
6 People
(£13.50 pp)
5 People
(£14.00 pp)
1 - 4 People
(From £14.50 pp)

We’d strongly advise booking for the amount of people you intend to play with as this saves time and works out cheaper than adding players at a later date. If you do need to add to your team, this is possible (up to the maximum of the room you have booked) however, this would be at the ‘per player price’ for the new team number.

EXAMPLE ONE: If you have booked for five players at £70, but wanted to add a player this would be £13.50 (as this is the per player price for six players).

EXAMPLE TWO: If you have booked for eight players at £100, but wanted to add two more players this would be £23 (as £11.50 is the per player price for ten players).

Once booked, it is not possible to amend the online booking so additional players can pay on arrival by letting a staff member know. The correct amount of cash would be helpful as we are often at full capacity and so need to avoid additional payments causing delays to others’ games.

Sun Pier House Games

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The Witching Hour
The ancient curse is just a rumour... isn't it?
Murder At The Pier
A criminally fun investigation for want-to-be detectives!
The Seance
You don't believe in ghosts, but all that will change...
What The Dickens!
The 19th century is a dangerous place!
The Naughty List
A festive special for families and the young at heart!

The Pentagon Games

Click on a game below to view more details
This stop could be your last!

Fort Amherst Games

Click on a game below to view more details
Chain Gang
Explore an entire building whilst chained together to find freedom!
The Orphanage
*Perfect for Beginners*
A lonely child's spirit remains... and she needs your help.

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