Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE NOTE: The below are quick and easy answers to our most frequently asked questions. We hope they help, however more details can be found in our Terms and Conditions under the Ts&Cs page

What should I expect?

To tell you too much may ruin the experience - but Escape Plan LIVE is an immersive mystery in which you find your group trapped in a situation from which you have an hour to escape by finding clues and solving puzzles until you free your group. Any specific concerns should be emailed to us so we can put your mind at rest.

How do I book?

The only way to book Escape Plan LIVE is in advance and online; to do so, go to the ‘TICKETS’ section where you’ll find a link to our booking system. Even if you take your chances that there will be places left and arrive on the day, you will still need to book online.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your game time to ensure there is chance to brief you on the rules, immerse you in the story, and to ensure you get your full hour to escape.

What if I’m late?

Please do you best to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time of the game you have booked to help us run Escape Plan LIVE efficiently. However we know that occasionally circumstances beyond our control delay even the best of us, so if you are late and have booked the room for your exclusive use, the remainder of the time is yours to use. If you were going to be sharing the room with another group, then we’ll help all we can and will try and fit you onto the next game. We cannot guarantee this though as it depends on availability, and we cannot refund your booking if we are unable to find space for you so please allow plenty of time for travel.

How long should I expect the game to take?

You have 1 hour to find the clues, keys and codes to escape your room, however you should allow 10 minutes before the game for the organisers to set the scenario and take your your FREE* Escape Plan LIVE group digital photo.

* Please note your digital photo is free to be downloaded from the Escape Plan LIVE facebook page within approximately 24 hours of your game taking place so long as you give us permission for it to be used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish us to use the photo or for it to be available via facebook, you can have the digital photo emailed to you directly for a nominal fee, please email us for details.

How many people can I bring?

There is no lower limit to how many people can play Escape Plan LIVE - in fact it’s possible to play on your own if you fancy a challenge! However, groups are usually made up of 2 or more players. The maximum amount of players in one room varies between 6 and 12 (see ‘GAMES’ section for details). However for larger parties, teambuilding, or corporate events please email us and we’ll find a way to help you if we can!

For special large group or corporate bookings, we can combine the rooms at Sun Pier House for a super duper game that can accommodate up to 20 players! So if you want to go large please contact us for a quote and availability.

What are the age limits for Escape Plan LIVE?

Ok, this is tricky as we wouldn’t like to exclude anybody - but also want everyone to have a good time. Experience and test events suggest anyone over the age of 10 will engage with and enjoy the games, however younger children have been fully engaged.

Please note: There is no upper age limit, but the ‘The Orphanage’ and ‘Murder Scene’ games are the easiest to access for anyone wanting to avoid stairs at The Gate House, whilst all games at Sun Pier House are on the first floor, so involve climbing stairs.

How much does it cost to play?

The answer is probably less than you’d expect - and is approximately half of what you’d pay elsewhere for a comparable experience. So for around the same price of a cinema ticket you can feel like you’re actually in a movie rather than watching one. Please see the ‘GAMES’ section for specific details.

Are their concessions for senior citizens, students or children?

To allow Escape Plan LIVE to run as smoothly as possible we have tried to take as many complications out of the booking and reception process as possible. To do so, we are not providing any discounts which require checking upon arrival - however we are offering tickets at the lowest price possible, and at roughly half the amount you’d pay at similar attractions. So rather than some guests losing a concession, everyone is gaining a concession!

Can you accommodate larger groups?

We sure can. If you have more people wanting to play than can be accommodated in any of our single games rooms, then please email us as we can coordinate more than one room so you can all enjoy Escape Plan LIVE at the same time We also offer a unique experience at Sun Pier House which combines games to allow up to 20 players to take part together! This is bookable by special request, so please email us for details.

Is there a group booking discount?

The more people involved in a booking for a particular game, the cheaper the cost per person. For example a group of 6, the cost per person is £12.50 each, however for a group of 12, the cost per person is £9.50 each

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes! Escape Plan LIVE vouchers make ideal gifts as they are unusual, imaginative and are appropriate for so many age groups. Escape Plan LIVE is also one of the few games that families and couples can play together, working as a team making the most of each others strengths. Please visit the GIFT VOUCHERS page for more details.

Can I add more players once I've made a booking?

Yes… so long as this does not exceed the maximum capacity of the room you have booked. Either contact us to make arrangements, or pay on the day at the venue.

Are corporate bookings available?

Definitely! Escape Plan LIVE has proven very popular with companies of all sizes as it is an ideal team building exercise, encouraging groups to work together, promoting leadership, and identifying skills and strengths… oh, and it’s great fun too! Corporate bookings have been so successful at Escape Plan LIVE that we have created a super duper game which makes use of several adjoining rooms for a unique adventure that is bookable by special request. Please visit the CORPORATE page for more details

Can we take photos or recordings?

Whilst for your own enjoyment, as well as that of other guests all mobile phones, cameras or any other recording device must be turned off for the duration of your visit, however you will be able to download a FREE* Escape Plan LIVE group digital photo.

* Please note your digital photo is free to be downloaded from the Escape Plan LIVE facebook page or from our Photo Download page within approximately 24 hours of your game taking place so long as you give us permission for it to be used for promotional purposes. If you do not wish us to use the photo or for it to be available via facebook, you can have the digital photo emailed to you directly for a nominal fee, please email us for details.

Is it suitable for the disabled or those who are pregnant?

The games themselves are suitable for most disabled people unless the disability is severe. Whilst some problems or tasks may prove difficult, there are enough that they can be shared between a group and distributed by ability. Similarly, there should be no issues for pregnant women as the tasks are not physically demanding. There is somewhere for at least one person to sit in each of the rooms. However if you have any specific concerns please email us as we’ll be pleased to advise you. Certain games (‘The Orphanage’ and ‘Body Parts’) are accessible with a wheelchair, and are easier for those needing to avoid stairs. Please make it clear when booking and upon arrival if you require assistance. All games at the Sun Pier House venue are based on the first floor so involve climbing stairs to access the venue.

Is Escape Plan LIVE weather dependent?

Nope. Once you have arrived at Escape Plan LIVE all the facilities are undercover. Assuming there are no local natural disasters, we’ll be there come rain or shine. In fact this is part of what makes Escape Plan LIVE such a safe bet in the good old UK as bad weather cannot ruin your fun.

What if I’m claustrophobic or scared of the dark?

There’s no need to worry! Whilst we appreciate a scenario from which you need to escape can sound scary, there is nothing to be frightened of. At no stage are you restrained or confined in a way that should cause discomfort or anxiety, nor will you be kept in complete darkness. Even the smallest room is large enough for 8 people to walk around in comfortably. Whilst you will never be in any danger and staff will be regularly monitoring all games so you can leave at any time, if your room actually being locked causes concerns you may wish to opt for the games based at Sun Pier House.

Do I need to worry about other people's behaviour ruining our game?

Not on our watch! An atmosphere in which you cannot only have fun, but can also think clearly and communicate with your group is essential, and so all Games Rooms are visible and checked regularly to ensure everyone is safe and enjoying themselves.

Are there live actors?

Don't let your fear of being attacked, menaced, or chased put you off as this will not happen. Whilst exciting, atmospheric and sometimes a little spooky (our guests' words, not ours), you will not be terrorised!

What should I wear?

Whilst Escape Plan LIVE is not rough or physically demanding, the stories and atmosphere of the games held within The Gate House are enhanced by being set entirely within a 300 year old building which whilst well maintained, is deliberately kept authentic. For this reason it is recommended that you wear footwear suitable for uneven floors, and older clothes just in case you brush past surfaces that may mark them (see terms and conditions for further information). Whilst this is less relevant to our Sun Pier House location, we’d still recommend you avoid wearing your glad rags.

What should I bring?

Apart from a steady nerve, everything you need to play Escape Plan LIVE will be provided for you and is included in the admission price. Just ensure you dress appropriately, and be aware that mobile phones and recording devices must be turned off for the duration of your time here.

Will I be too hot or cold?

The conditions inside the games rooms at The Gate House are dependent on the weather as the age of the building means there are no heaters or air conditioning. You will be safely sheltered from any wind, rain, or sun - but please use the outside temperature as an indication of what to wear. The conditions inside our games at Sun Pier House are more controllable however, but can become warm when used by larger groups.

What if I have a problem?

Whilst we of course hope you have a great time at Escape Plan LIVE and that you will have nothing but compliments for the team, mistakes can happen and we would like to be able to put them right. In such an event, please email Escape Plan LIVE as this event is run independently of Fort Amherst and Sun Pier House and so their staff will be unable to help you

What if you cancel the event?

We’ll do our very best not to disappoint, but in extreme circumstances it may be necessary for Escape Plan LIVE organisers to cancel your booking. Should this happen you will be notified by email as soon as possible, and will of course be refunded in full.

What if we want to cancel the event?

We of course hope you can attend the session you’ve booked, but should you be unable to do so you are welcome to send someone else in your place. We cannot however refund tickets. It may be possible to swap game dates, so long as the date is being brought forward rather than postponed.

Do I need to print my booking confirmation?

We will need to see your booking confirmation to allow entry to Escape Plan LIVE, but we’re just as happy for you to show us this on your smart phone if you do not have a printer… or if you just want to save some ink!

What if I’ve lost my confirmation email?

Not a problem. Please try and let us know in advance via email and we’ll re-send your booking confirmation free of charge. However we will be unable to do so once there is less than 24 hours before your booking slot. If this happens, please bring a form of identification with you and we’ll be able to check your booking on our system.

What if I don’t complete a game?

Don’t worry! Many people don’t… we’ll still let you out! You can either re-book and try again another time, or book to have a go at another of our games.

What if I finish early?

Some smarty pants may show off and finish their game early! If you do, congratulations are in order as most people don’t. Trials have shown that at least an hour is usually required, but if you do manage to escape in less time without help, your group will be entered free of charge into a lottery for the chance to experience another of our scenarios.

Can I buy a ticket on the door?

In theory, yes! But even at the event you will still need to book online using your own smartphone. However do please remember that places remain bookable online right up until the game begins so if someone else has booked them, you will be unable to take part so it’s best to book before arriving - even if it’s on the day. Please note that inadequate mobile phone reception may prohibit bookings, so it is strongly advised that you book prior to attending the Event.

Can I pay by cash?

Whilst to avoid disappointment we recommend booking in advance via our website - we can now take payment via bank transfer, credit or debit card, or cash at our Sun Pier House venue.

Can I bring food and drink?

Neither food nor drink can be allowed in either Escape Plan LIVE venue without prior arrangement, however at The Gate House there is an onsite café open most days (please check for opening times and any closures), and a tearoom onsite at Sun Pier House, situated on the floor above (please check for opening times and any closures). There is also beautiful parkland and a picnic area just a minute’s walk from Escape Plan LIVE at Fort Amherst.

Is there a café or restaurant at Escape Plan LIVE?

Whilst Escape Plan LIVE does not sell food or drink and neither can be allowed within the venues themselves without prior arrangement, there is an onsite café open most days at The Gate House venue (please check for opening times and any closures), and a tearoom onsite at Sun Pier House, situated on the floor above (please check for opening times and any closures).

Are toilet facilities available?

Yes, basic toilet facilities are available both before and after your game - so whether you’re too excited, too nervous… or just forgot to go before you left home, there’s no need to worry. Please do try to avoid needing to leave the game once it has started though so as to not disturb other guests’ games.

Can I park at Escape Plan LIVE?

There is limited free parking available in The Gate House car park on days that the event is running for half an hour either side of the duration of your game e.g., if your games starts at 2pm, you can park for free from 1.30pm until 3.30pm. Parking spaces are limited however and so cannot be guaranteed. Should you wish to visit Fort Amherst or its Café (both on site) before or after your Escape Plan LIVE game, parking in their carpark is also free to their customers. However please be advised that for non-customers or those who leave their vehicle behind after their visit there is a charge (payable at their café - please see ). Paid parking is available at Chatham Library car park, but this is a public carpark and spaces cannot be guaranteed so please arrive with plenty of time to reach alternative paid parking which is available at The Brook.

There is limited free parking at Sun Pier House for guests on Saturdays and Sundays, and during weekday evenings only. Paid parking is available at Globe Lane Car Park during the day (Monday to Friday) and should be used during busy periods if onsite parking is unavailable.  The car park is less than a two minute walk from the building.
It should be noted that visitors park at their own risk. Please see the 'LOCATION' page for a map and for more details

Is there accommodation nearby?

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