Well that’s all folks... for now!

We’re closing the curtains on Escape Plan LIVE following the Government’s advice to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to protect the NHS... but will be back as soon as it’s safe to reopen.

We’ll be using our time to build THREE new games ready for when we can all have fun again, whilst doing our very best to support our amazing staff as best we can during this hugely challenging time.

We’d like to thank you for sharing your laughs and gasps with us over the years... ironically, we should have been celebrating Escape Plan LIVE’s 5th birthday this April!

We appreciate this will not be an easy time for many, but if you’re in a position to help us we’re offering vouchers with a whopping 20% OFF so you can save money, help us through the storm and play any of our games on a future date of your choosing... PLEASE only do this if you can afford to though - we know we’re not the only ones with worries right now.

Look after yourselves and each other... we’ll make it out the other side and will have to make up for lost time when we do!

From all the team at Escape Plan LIVE.