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Jungle Bus

Game Description

The sounds of wildlife surround your team of explorers as you enter an apparently long-abandoned vehicle. You're nervous to discover who, or what may remain inside - but a determination to solve this mystery drives you onward. Could you have stumbled across the infamous bus that went missing deep in the jungle, but was never found? If so, this is a chance to discover who was using this seemingly innocent form of transport for illegal animal trading, and which species they had captured. Be careful though, it seems nature can't be controlled, and that some of the creatures may still be here despite having managed to escape... can you?

Your booking will directly help The Fenn Bell Conservation Project with their important work rescuing animals, and taking care of those who live there.

ZOO ENTRY INCLUDED: Entry to The Fenn Bell Zoo is included with your JUNGLE BUS booking - but please plan your visit and check the zoo’s opening times here to determine whether you should visit the zoo before, or after your game.

FOOD AND DRINK: The food and drink available at The Fenn Bell Inn is very popular, so please either order with plenty of time before your game, or wait until after your game as food and/or drink cannot be brought onboard the JUNGLE BUS.

WARNING: Strobe lighting is used in this game. Please let your gamesmaster know upon arrival if anyone suffers from epilepsy so we can run a version of the game without strobes.

PLEASE NOTE: This game takes place onboard a real double-decker bus, so please check with your team that this will not present any difficulties.


4 People
(£23.00 pp)
5 People
(£21.00 pp)
6 People
(£19.00 pp)
7 People
(£18.00 pp)
8 People
(£17.00 pp)
9 People
(£17.00 pp)
10 People
(£17.00 pp)
11 People
(£17.00 pp)
12 People
(£17.00 pp)
13 People
(£17.00 pp)
14 People
(£17.00 pp)

If you need to add an extra player at a later date... no problem! They'll pay the same per player price as the rest of your group based on the initial booking.

EXAMPLE: If you have booked for eight players at £148, the extra player would pay £18.50 (as this is the per player price for the initial group of eight players).

Once booked, it is not possible to amend the online booking so additional players must pay in advance by contacting us via email or on arrival by letting a staff member know.

Game Details

  • Location : Fenn Bell Conservation Project
  • Duration : 60 mins
  • Players : 4 to 14
  • From £17.00 pp
  • - Not Suitable for wheelchairs as stairs are involved.
    - Optional strobe lighting is used in this game.
  • For more info see our FAQ page

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