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Body Parts

Game Description

The recent headlines should have been warning enough, but terrible things only happen to those who aren't careful... don't they? It's been reported that people have been going missing from your area for months, and this started around the same time an eccentric local artist disappeared without trace. The police haven't yet linked these two facts, but now trapped in a room and kept in handcuffs you start to wonder if the timing may be more than just coincidence. The clues as to why you've been taken surround you and must be solved if you're to escape with all the body parts you arrived with!

WARNING! This game is recommended for players aged 12+ (all bookings must include at least one parent or guardian aged 18+) as it begins with players being put in handcuffs from which they must eventually escape, and some people may find certain scenes and scenarios frightening. Please consider the disposition of your team members before booking. There are plenty of tamer Escape Plan LIVE games to choose from!

Game Details

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