It's only a game... but that's easy to forget at Escape Plan LIVE, where thinking your way out of our exciting movie-like scenarios in under an hour is proving hugely popular with families, friends, couples and companies. It’s a chance to test your nerves at this popular attraction where you and your group can frantically search for clues to solve the mystery and overcome the challenges that stand in the way of you escaping the room in which you’re trapped! Think fast, the clock is ticking...

Our exciting and immersive games were created with everyone in mind, so whether you’re investigating a haunted room, solving a murder, discovering a witch’s curse, uncovering the secrets of an abandoned orphanage, or searching for ways to escape your chains - you have just an hour to do so, and the question always remains the same… can you escape in time?

Escape Plan LIVE takes place in two venues - each with their own unique character. The historic Gate House at Fort Amherst is centuries old and was originally built to defend against Napoleonic invasion. Now said to be haunted, its long and fascinating history serves to add realism and atmosphere to games designed with the building’s genuine and imagined history in mind. The escape games at the Sun Pier House location (our newest venue) are ambitious in their design, featuring truly immersive environments which may feature secret rooms!
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